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Preview thumbnail thomas hassett  clare castle  clare  john temperley arrived 1 aug 1863

Thomas Hassett (Arrival Australia)

Arrived from Care Castle Clare aboard the John Temperley. Immigration Inspection.

Preview thumbnail margaret hassett  clare castle  clare  shackamaxon arrived 3 sept 1863

Margaret Hassett (Arrival Australia)

Arrived on board Shackamaxon from Clare Castle. Immigration Inspection.

Preview thumbnail honor hassett  killkishen  clare  lord hungerford 20 march 1855 arrival

Honor Hassett (Arrival Australia)

Arrived on board Lord Hungerford from Killkishen Clare. Immigration inspection.

Preview thumbnail shipping manifest 11 oct 1903

Thomas Devine (ship to California USA)

Shipping Manifest SS Sheridan Manila to San Francisco USA.