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Lucas (Conviction & Transportation)

It was claimed that Ellen Wainwright aka Esther Eccles had a relationship with a convict named Lucas. The relationship has never been verified notwithstanding the claim. Nathani...

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John Guy (Gay) (Conviction)

Conviction of John Gay (Guy) Gloustershire Life Sentence.

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James Wilson (Conviction & Transportation)

Record of conviction 25 June 1788 Middlesex. Transported Neptune December 1789.

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Ellen Wainwright (Conviction & Transportation)

Record of conviction and subsequent transportation.

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Ellen Wainwright (Conviction)

Record of Conviction of Ellen Wainwright for stealing. Lancaster Preston.

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David Bush (Convict & Transport Register)

Convict list detailing transportation of David Bush arriving October 1812 on board the Indefatigable.

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Thomas Bilston (Convict Record City of Birmingham Library)

Confirmation of the convict background of Thomas Bilston from the City of Birmingham library.

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Thomas Bilston (Convict Record)

Convict and Transportation Register Warwick. Record of trial and conviction. Departed England 29 July 1823 aboard Asia for Van Dieman's Land.